Types of treasures that will be hidden.

We are going to hide treasure and give you the clues needed to find it. We had a few emails asking what type of treasure will be hidden so this post will cover it. Hidden treasure will include coins, bills, Redbox rentals, gift certificates, artifacts and various other prizes. Have fun searching but don’t give up if you don’t find the treasure right away. The clues will be difficult and will challenge you to use critical thinking skills along with many other skills that a treasure hunter should possess. Let the hunt begin!

What is this place?

Funnest Place IN The World is a website that hides real treasure and then gives you the clues necessary to find it. Clues come in many forms such as poems, riddles, and maps. If you are clever enough to figure them out, a cash reward awaits. As you hunt for the riches, please post your adventures so that everyone can enjoy them!