Robin Thicke Ripped off Marvin Gaye

Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines and Marvin Gaye’s Gotta Give It Up sound almost identical when you hear this mashup. As they battle it out in court we can only wonder how many times mainstream music will regurgitate the same crap and say, “It wasn’t me!”

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this in recent years. We all remember Shaggy’s  2001 hit It wasn’t Me which sold over 5.5 million copies. It turns out that this is just a ripoff  of Steve Miller Band’s legendary song, The Joker.



Caving Under Natural Bridge

On the outskirts of Thayer, Missouri lies Grand Gulf State Park. Known as “Missouri’s Little Grand Canyon”, it consists of a cave that has collapsed  and allows visitors to have a breathtaking view into the abyss. You can walk the trails, or you can do like we did and search the two caves at the bottom. If planning this trip, bring plenty of supplies and be sure you are in good physical condition because it is very exhausting. Metal detecting is not allowed but exploring it is just as exhilarating. As we descended in to the ravine, the thought of being rescued in an emergency seemed like a joke and we knew that we were on our own since it was very cold and there were not any visitors to be seen. There are two major parts to Grand Gulf. First, there is the cave that allows water to drain into an underground lake, and there is also a natural bridge that formed when two sides of the cave collapsed but left the middle intact. We explored the actual cave first. Initially, it was like any other cave; cold, dark, and muddy. Then, a huge debris field full of sticks, limbs and logs blocked the way. If you are able to pass this obstacle you will enter the main chamber and come to a pool of water that is extremely creepy to say the least. In the 1900’s Ms Luella Agnes Owen explored the cave before it was blocked with debris and documented the breathtaking sight in her book Cave Regions Of The Ozarks and Black Hills. We went as far as possible and realized that it might be possible to dive below the water and enter through an underground tunnel. The problem is that there is so much debris, diving would be disastrous! We turned around and headed to the other cave which is just a segment of what remains. It is extremely interesting and once you go through it, the other side opens up into a 100″+ tall opening. You can spend a whole day crawling around the bottom but don’t try to walk from the stairs to the cave, or from the cave to the stairs because there is a large rock formation blocking the path, If you are in good physical health you could climb this obstacle but always remember that if you get injured, it’s a long, arduous hike back to the top. Good luck and enjoy this fantastic, natural wonder!

Grand Gulf State Park Sign
Grand Gulf State Park Sign
Entrance To Natural Bridge Grand Gulf State Park
Entrance To Natural Bridge Grand Gulf State Park
Entrance To Natural Bridge Grand Gulf State Park
Entrance To Natural Bridge And Brown Bear In Grand Gulf State Park

Thanks to Jody Shakelford, Hardy, AR for feeding the bear! LOL! Thanks to Alicia Rogers for enduring the trip and taking the pics!

Country Road

Recently, we were searching the woods for hidden treasure and to our surprise we found something very interesting. Hidden in the woods of Mammoth Spring, AR, near Cold Springs Curve, we noticed a clearing in the forest.  It appeared to be an old road because the trees were very small in the middle and large rocks were pushed to the edges.  We pulled out our metal detectors and followed the forgotten road up the hill. We got a lot of hits on our metal detectors and upon digging, we found several broken horseshoes and empty pop-top cans. A little bit further up the overgrown road, we found a head gasket from an antique car and then we thought about the old timer who had broken down at this spot years ago. I bet he said a few choice words!  We noticed an old oak tree and decided to search around it. Beep, beep, beep we received many hits and found about 50 old beer cans underneath it. Guess there were some seriously drunk drivers back then. LOL! Then, out of nowhere we found the treasure of the day. A brown jug was peeking at us from underneath the leaves and laughing at us for wearing modern clothing. We yanked it from its comfortable bed and interrogated it.  Turns out, it was a 1930’s Purex bottle that had been tossed aside by someone who most likely  passed away by now. At that point I wondered who had left it there and remember thinking “One man’s trash, another man’s treasure!” We continued our journey and found more horseshoes and even located a rusty, old, animal trap. When was the last time it had seen any action, and what was its last victim? Treasure hunting requires a lot of patience and dedication but in the end, the items you find are full of interesting stories and rich history.


Final Destination

Final Destination
(Somewhere in the United States)

This borough houses 10 or less,
And highway 61 address,
The northern part of the U.S.,
Ablaze since ‘62.
Upon arrival you could choke,
From burning cinders, mining smoke,
And in the darkness you might poke,
And find another clue.

From here we travel to the east,
A couple hours at the least,
And find something extremely neat,
With Eddy’s special rocks.
As pleasant as the point you find,
The treasure that I swore to hide,
The voices echoing outside,
So listen, they will talk.

About an hour east and north,
A ton of boonies, perfect course,
A pyramid of magic force,
Holds boulders in the air.
It’s in the states and better known,
A state that pretty girls call home,
If in the mountains dare to roam,
A clue is sitting there.

Four hours thirty north by west,
You’ll find a road that is the best,
Home in the park unlike the rest,
Lies something very odd.
If you’re unsure of what to do,
Look all around for big mushrooms,
Rhyming the words will give you clues,
When found you’ll start to nod.

You have been wise and figured out,
What all these clues are all about,
And now I want to “see the trout”,
I ask you,“Where are you?”

(Hint: Look towards the east and examine Google maps very closely! You will hover over it and it will appear!)
To win: Tell me where you “see the trout.”

The Hunt Begins!

A gold coin was hidden
and is waiting to be found.

Augusta is the place to find,
The treasure that I dare to hide.
This is the place where two mile stops,
With water warm and two bridge tops.
A dead end path towards Frisco Spring,
Now look around and you will see.
Gaze to the left and see the creek,
But veering right is what you seek.
You’ll find a number near a tree,
Just up a hill near sixty-three.
Now take this number, put it in,
Type 21 and then press send.
Sit tight and wait for the reply,
Another set of clues arrive.


It’s almost time!

Now that we’ve hyped it up a little, it’s time to actually hide some treasure. Be on the lookout tomorrow for the first clues that will reveal the hidden location of the treasure!  Make sure to leave comments after you find the treasure and we will enter you in our weekly drawing to win more cash! Have Fun!